Skagit Rein Riders . . . .

Rodeo Performance Drill Team        They ride true to their motto . . . Fun, Fast & Furious

Interested in riding with a fast paced, rodeo drill team?  The Skagit Rein Riders are always looking for new members and would love to have you come ride with them. 

We practice every Thursday evening beginning at 7:00 pm.  Our main practice facility is the Sedro Woolley Rodeo Grounds, during the winter months we practice at a local indoor arena.  

Team Requirements:

* at least 18 years of age       * have your own horse & transportation (to & from practice & performances)    
* horse must be at least 14.3 hands tall & 4 years old, we do not allow stallions or gaited horses     
*  willingness to have fun


Once those expectations have been met, we do our best as a team to work with you and your horse to accomplish everything else necessary to be a successful team member.   As a team, we strive to put forth our best efforts to put together an amazing performance.  To be successful as a team, it starts with committed members who are eager to learn the amazing sport of drill and have fun with their horses! 

We welcome any breed or color of horse with the exceptions mentioned above.  Your horse must not kick or bite.  We ride with full size flags which means you must be able to fully control your horse one handed while at the canter.  It may seem a little overwhelming, but don't worry ~ we strongly believe teamwork is the key and we work together to acclimate you & your horse to the activities.   Understand this sport takes lots of patience, tons of dedication and plenty of practice.

If you are wondering when the best time to come check out the team, you are welcome anytime throughout the year as we do ride year round.  However, our performance season runs generally from mid-May through September.  We spend October through March learning our new drill and conditioning horses.  Then come April, we ride outside working on our speed and precision making sure we're ready for our first performance.   

Please note and consider yourself warned, this sport is ADDICTING!  The adrenaline rush and surge of power you feel before, during and after each performance is worth every ounce of time and effort.  Plus the bond that develops and continues to grow between you and your horse as well as the friendships you develop are untouchable. 

Try it, we're pretty sure you'll like it.