Skagit Rein Riders . . . .

Rodeo Performance Drill Team        They ride true to their motto . . . Fun, Fast & Furious

 Skagit Rein Riders Rodeo Drill Team is a group of ladies bound together by their love for horses and friendship.  The group was formed in 1985 and throughout the years have developed into one of the most entertaining and sought after rodeo performance drill teams in the Northwest.  They travel throughout Washington State and into neighboring states.  Their routine is nothing less than spectacular, full of speed, precise maneuvers, fast music, fireworks, smoke & plenty of crowd appeal.

This team has built a dependable and solid reputation among many rodeo and fair committees, announcers, stock contractors and participants.  They are energetic, flexible and full of enthusiasm and passion for what they do.  In their world it's always . . . FUN, FAST & FURIOUS 

 What can the Skagit Rein Riders bring to your event?

Fun, Professional, Entertainment


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Grand Entry/Flag Presentation
Rake & Set Barrels, Push Cattle, Stick Pony Races


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